Back to Reality

So I finally have been able to see a clear break in the clouds that has been my past month. This post is going to be relatively a short post because not much has happened in the past week except unending pcos bleeds. Fun.

I have a gyno appointment coming on the 20th. I reaaaaally hope to have this sorted by then. I really don’t want to be one of those pcos sufferers that bleed multi months. Funny thing tho, when I went for a clinic lab visit, the lab said my iron count was fine, normal despite me bleeding like a stuck pig. Go figure. Oh and my thyroids are still NOT in normal perimeters so my synthroid got boosted up a little on dosage. 13619861_555083704698197_3872783253526781524_n

I found my photo proofs from my senior year book photos from before my hair started to fall out and I was over 100lbs lighter. It’s hard to believe now how thick my hair used to be, or why I didn’t appreciate myself more back then. I was a different girl back then. I had such high lofty ideals but one thing that remains the same, my wish to change the world.

Right now the world has to wait while I improve myself. Being in midst a PCOS episode has set me back considerably weight goal wise. Seeing me from 15 years ago reminds me that the girl in the photo is still in there somewhere. The positive spirit still remains despite the losses I’ve had since then. I know I can do this.


Just keep Swimming folks. We can do this.


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